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3rd Anniversary Oil "Cranberry Mule"

3rd Anniversary Oil "Cranberry Mule"

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This special edition bottle of beard oil is to celebrate our 3rd year of being in business providing you with luxurious ingredients at BrokeAss prices. The carrier blend in bottle is 50/50 Ostrich oil and our traditional blend making this a must have for all beards.  

"Cranberry Mule" is a smooth blend of Cranberry, Ginger Beer and Lime bringing you the experience of a mule to your face! Oh, Please do NOT drink it. We know its smells delicious. Limited quantities available. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

How do I use beard oil to keep my beard soft and healthy?

Make sure beard hair is slightly damp (not sopping wet). Place a nickel sized amount of beard oil in your hand. Then rub your hands together and massage the nourishing beard oil into your beard, making sure to get down to the skin.

How often do I apply beard oil to keep my beard fuller and softer?

You should apply our high quality beard oil in the morning and evening. Always use beard oil after a shower to maintain proper care and condition of your beard.

How is Broke Ass Beard Supply Co Beard Oil better than other beard oils on the market?

We use high quality ingredients in our tried and true blend of carrier oils specifically designed to work for all types of beard hair. The added bonus is our prices you can’t find anywhere else.